Oak Square Cladding

ENGIE has been appointed by Notting Hill Genesis to carry out the cladding contract at Oak Square.

Each elevation of the building is being worked on in phases with each section of the scaffolding being removed as the new cladding is completed. The entire building is planned to be completed by December 2022.

ENGIE has been appointed by Notting Hill Genesis to carry out the cladding contract at Oak Square.

Each elevation of the building is being worked on in phases with each section of the scaffolding being removed as the new cladding is completed. The entire building is planned to be completed by December 2022.

  • Site update - July

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    Works to Phase 1

    Following on-going investigation surveys to the blockworks the need for additional wall ties was identified. These works have been completed to the scaffolded area of Acacia Court. Further works of this nature are expected to be required through the contract.

    Upcoming works: July

    Phase 1 – Ceiling balcony works to be concluded, other additional works to the balconies is currently being investigated, we will keep you updated of developments.

    Residents Meeting

    We look forward to see you all at the next residents meeting on Tuesday 13th July at 6pm (on Zoom)

  • Meeting Minutes - June

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    The meeting minutes from the resident meeting that took place on 8th June are now uploaded to the 'Meeting Minutes' section on the right hand side. The next meeting will be taking place on 13th July.

    We look forward to seeing you then.

  • Meeting Minutes - May

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    Ahead of tomorrow night's resident meeting, you can find last months meeting minutes of the right hand side of the microsite under the 'Meeting Minutes' header.

    We look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow.

  • On-site storage update

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    Further to the below update, we would like to provide an update on the matter of on-site storage of materials for the cladding project.

    You may be aware the matter was discussed during the residents meeting of 11 May and there has been some challenge from residents, in particular relating to storing materials in the podium gardens and the use of the lawns.

    There was a suggestion of using the Eastern/opposite side of Oak Square Road, however, this has now been ruled out as it would reduce the width of Oak Square Road reducing the amount of available space for emergency vehicles.

    ENGIE and NHG have carried out a further review and a revised plan has been drafted. A document has been added to the documents section on the right hand side in regards to the use of the Southern podium. You may see that the area is still needed for storage however, ENGIE has managed to reduce the surface area required by using some alternatives. This change will leave about a third of the lawn available for resident use.

  • Site update - May

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    After exploring many options ENGIE is pleased to share that the use of the courtyard for material storage has now been agreed with NHG.

    We have also completed survey work to the balconies, which covers removal and replacement of insulation materials to comply with fire regulations standards. The survey has also highlighted unclosed cavities to the leading edge of the balcony sills, which will have to be closed and fully fire rated.

    We are currently in the process of approving the benchmark for these additional works, to ensure they meet strict quality and compliance criteria. The below photo shows the closing of cavities and the fitting of new insulation to the soffits/ceiling of the balconies.

    The backing structure design for the cladding has now been completed and approved and wall tie works to the blockwork are due to commence on 7th June 2021.

    We will continue to update you as work is scheduled for commencement.

    Please look out for our new noticeboards located in the ground floor lift lobbies for news of any of the works in your block (see photo example below).

    Closing of cavities

    Fitting of new insulation to the soffits/ceiling of the balconies

    Noticeboards near ground floor lifts

  • Construction programme update

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    As discussed at the last Residents Meeting, we would like to update you on when the different phases of the works that are due to finish and also when the whole project will be completed.

    Uploaded to the right hand side are:

    • An overview of the Construction Programme
    • The revised phasing plan

    The reason for changing the phases of works to the different areas is that had we left the phases as they were the courtyard at Acacia Court would have been in place for 18 months and we believe that this would be unreasonable and unfair to all those residents in and around Acacia Court.

    However by making these changing to the work phases the courtyard at Acacia Court will now be used for storage from 21st June 2021 (set up) to 25th February 2022 (close down) and then we set up a storage area at Phoenix Court from 28th February 2022 and this will be removed on 14th December 2022

    We appreciate there is going to be some inconvenience when the courtyards are being used for storage but we will do our utmost to minimise this the best we can

  • Meeting Minutes

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    Following the resident meeting that took place on 13th April, you can find the minutes along with previous meeting minutes in the 'meeting minutes' section on the right hand side of this microsite.

  • Site update - April

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    Following the residents meeting last week, ENGIE is going to implement the following:

    • ENGIE has a new Resident Liaison Office starting on site. Alison McLean will be joining the delivery team from Monday 26th April 2021.
    • We will be installing Project Progress Boards opposite each lift (ground floor). The boards will showcase newsletters, team details, out of hours details, site programmes, forthcoming activities and resident related activities etc.
    • We will be re-locating the existing ‘directions board sign ’ (due to it now being blocked by the scaffolding) and placing it next to the new car parking barrier to assists visitors to site and Oak Square.
    • ENGIE is planning to have a revised programme of works around the end of April.
  • Programme Phases

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    Find out about the programme phases by clicking on this article or in the 'documents' folder. An illustrative diagram will explain the phases and where they will take place...

  • Works update: 27th January

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    We are currently carrying out investigation and water tightness works to the windows, this will require some drilling so there will be some unavoidable noise.

    We are undertaking works following survey discoveries, which were carried out in the most diligent manner to comply with our fire protection procedures.

    The surveys will also be extended to balconies that require some blockwork remedial works to be completed, the resident concerned will be contacted individually to arrange access.

    ENGIE will be publishing a revised schedule of works for the resident soon, this will help to show when they will be directly affected by the works.

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