Oak Square Cladding

ENGIE has been appointed by Notting Hill Genesis to carry out the cladding contract at Oak Square.

Each elevation of the building is being worked on in phases with each section of the scaffolding being removed as the new cladding is completed. The entire building is planned to be completed by April 2022.

ENGIE has been appointed by Notting Hill Genesis to carry out the cladding contract at Oak Square.

Each elevation of the building is being worked on in phases with each section of the scaffolding being removed as the new cladding is completed. The entire building is planned to be completed by April 2022.

  • Programme Phases

    05 Feb 2021
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    Find out about the programme phases by clicking on this article or in the 'documents' folder. An illustrative diagram will explain the phases and where they will take place...

  • Works update: 27th January

    27 Jan 2021
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    We are currently carrying out investigation and water tightness works to the windows, this will require some drilling so there will be some unavoidable noise.

    We are undertaking works following survey discoveries, which were carried out in the most diligent manner to comply with our fire protection procedures.

    The surveys will also be extended to balconies that require some blockwork remedial works to be completed, the resident concerned will be contacted individually to arrange access.

    ENGIE will be publishing a revised schedule of works for the resident soon, this will help to show when they will be directly affected by the works.

  • Works update: Jan 2021

    15 Jan 2021
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    This month we have removed the cladding to the south elevation of Oak Square (Stockwell Green Road) and have now removed all the terracotta tiles from the building in Phase 1 of the works.

    We have completed extensive blockwork repairs and are currently carrying out further investigations to the building and balconies.

    We continue to appreciate your patience for putting up with the unavoidable noise during the stripping of the cladding.

  • Works Update and Christmas closure

    16 Dec 2020
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    The scaffolding access has been completed on Phase 1 of the works with the cladding removal well underway. The ENGIE logo scaffolding netting is to be removed at eye level and folded down prior to the Christmas break to allow more light into your flats.

    Some additional lighting has now been installed around the base of the scaffolding and within the site compound area to help light-up any dark spots.

    As advised during the resident’s meeting, the scaffold is left alarmed and with CCTV monitoring during the evening and throughout the night.

    We now have a new pedestrian route adjacent to the shops in operation during the working day to allow the demolition lorries to be loaded safely and without danger to the public.

    Our last day on site is Wednesday 23rd December 2020, returning on Monday 4th January 2021, on behalf of the ENGIE site team we would like to wish you all a great Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  • Works update

    19 Nov 2020
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    You will now have noticed along Stockwell Green Road and Oak Square that the scaffold has been erected, along with an access staircase and a Good Hoist. We have reached the top of the building (the penthouse) and will commence the next part of the work programme within the next couple of weeks.

    Once the scaffolding is completed and handed over, there will be a continuing use and installation of further security and fire alarm warning systems on all levels of scaffolding. This will be closely monitored with the monitoring systems situated in the ENGIE site office in Oak Square.

    Our specialist contractors are due to commence with the removal of the old cladding on Monday 30th November, during this time there may be some noise due to the nature of the works and the drilling required. As always, we will endeavour to keep this to a minimum and apologise in advance for any inconvenience it may cause.

  • Drilling

    03 Nov 2020
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    Recently, we have been made aware that residents are concerned about the noise of the drilling that’s taking place. Unfortunately, this is necessary works to secure the scaffolding to the building. We understand that this can be loud as we have to drill through floor slabs, but please be rest assured we are doing all we can to minimise the noise. The works are due to be completed on Thursday 5th November. We apologise for any inconvenience this has caused.

  • Works update

    03 Nov 2020
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    The works around Oak Square are well underway with 50% of the scaffolding erected along Stockwell Green Road and soon to have ENGIE debris netting installed throughout. This scaffolding is for the protection of all and must not be used or accessed by any unauthorised person, this includes the positioning of satellites or any maintenance works. If access is needed, please speak to Robin Akrom who will be able to assign an authorised person to carry out any essential works. The scaffolding is fully alarmed and will be triggered by any sound and movement to our authorised centre who will send out security immediately.

    Around the site you will see signage detailing health & safety information, traffic information and visual updates, please take the time to read these carefully. Please also note, there will be no parking permitted in Oak Square except for an agreed limited number of operatives carrying out works.

    We have recently become aware of the security gate being left open by some of the trades and occupants not connected with the ENGIE works. ENGIE is monitoring this closely and doing all they can to ensure our operatives keep it closed.

    Pedestrian routes are currently being created to our offices and compounds, these are to be used by ENGIE operatives only, they are not for residential use. The compound and welfare facilities are also strictly for ENGIE authorised users too.

    The fencing around the compound is continually monitored and secured during the day and at the end of the day.

    Our main priority is to keep all residents and staff safe whilst the works are being carried out. If at any time you feel unsafe or have any concerns, please get in touch with Robin Akrom on 07747 625632 or Robin.Akrom@engie.com

  • New lockdown measures

    03 Nov 2020
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    Following the announcement on Saturday evening of the UK national lockdown, we would like to advise all residents that the works will be continuing in and around Oak Square. However, we will be putting in additional regulations to ensure that all staff, residents and visitors remain safe during these times.

    Additional regulations:

    • All offices will be for approved personnel only
    • All approved office visits must have a prior appointment. Please book through Robin Akrom on 07747625632 / Robin.Akrom@engie.com or Mr.Giuseppe Regnante on 07866018616 / Giuseppe.regnante@engie.com
    • All visitors must wear face masks at all times
    • Sanitisation stations must be used on entry

    If you have any queries or want to find out more about our COVID measures please contact Robin Akrom.

  • What's happening?

    26 Oct 2020
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    ENGIE has been appointed by Notting Hill Genesis to carry out the cladding contract at The Quadrant (Oak Square). The works have now begun and are expected to be completed in April 2022.


    When will the works start?

    The elevation above the shops in Stockwell Green Road commenced on 12/10/20.

    How long will the works take?

    Each elevation of the building is being worked on in phases with each section of the scaffolding being removed as the new cladding is completed. The entire building is planned to be completed by April 2022. The programme of works will be published to residents as well as being available in the site office.

    What is the sequence of works?

    Phase 1 – Shops elevation in Stockwell Green Road

    Phase 2 – Side elevations in Lingham Street

    Phase 3 – Oak Square

    And so on, working around the entire building, a programme of works will be kept updated and be available to view in the Site Office

    Will the scaffolding be secure?

    The scaffolding will be fitted with intruder alarms and CCTV to help prevent unauthorised access.

    What are the hours of working?

    The site working hours are 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday – any weekend working will be limited to Saturdays 8am to 1pm and no working on Sundays.

    Will the works be noisy?

    Inevitably there will be some noise associated with the works, however noisy works will be planned to start after 8.30am

    How will ENGIE communicate with residents about the progress of work?

    ENGIE has committed to providing a number of ways to communicate with you at the beginning of and during the works. However, this approach has had to be adjusted in light of COVID-19 as we want to limit face to face contact between residents and the contractor to an absolute minimum.

    How will ENGIE work safely to protect residents and staff?

    ENGIE has a Code of Conduct that ensures both the residents and their staff are kept safe whilst the works are undertaken. This includes Safeguarding procedures for working with vulnerable people. ENGIE staff will also be wearing branded work clothing, including individual staff ID numbers, to enable residents to feedback to us on any poor performance or outstanding customer service.

    How will ENGIE work in response to the current COVID-19 situation?

    All contractors are first escorted into the building by the Site Manager, so as not to risk coming into areas occupied by residents. All staff will be required to wear Personal Protective Equipment (‘PPE’) such as disposable gloves and facemasks, and to wash their hands regularly. They will always also be instructed to maintain social distancing , and we ask residents to be supportive by refraining from approaching any ENGIE staff in person.

    As we work through each phase of works, there will be a need to make changes and adjustments to some of the temporary facilities and arrangements. These will be communicated to you in advance so we can explain what, when and why changes are taking place.