Keeping safe during the works

Although this is your home, during the improvement works it is also a place of work for the workforce. It is important you understand that you, your family and any visitors will need to follow any health and safety instructions during the works.

Resident Liaison Officer (RLO)

Your RLO is your first point of contact and will explain what work we are going to do and how it will affect you. Click here to find all their contact details.


For their own safety and to prevent accidents, please keep children away from all work areas, including scaffolding, tools, materials, rubbish and skips. For safety reasons, your children must be supervised by an adult. Operatives cannot work in a property if under 16s are not supervised.

Fire Procedures

Never remove or tamper with any fire extinguishers that may be left in your home.

If you have any concerns about safety, please tell a member of our site team immediately.


Building work can upset pets. They can become distressed, injure themselves or cause accidents. Please make sure that you keep pets away from work in and outside of your home.

Pets will need to be supervised by an adult or securely housed away from the work area.


Some of the work may cause dust. This will not be dangerous, and will be for short periods only. To reduce the amount of dust, please keep your windows and doors closed wherever possible. Our workers will do all they can to reduce dust and keep it to a minimum.

Please check your home at the end of each day and let us know of any hazards or issues.

Security Procedures

All our staff and any genuine visitors to your home will carry an identification (ID) card or badge. It is extremely important that you check the identification card of all contractors before allowing them to enter your home.

What we expect from you

Work will be suspended if an operative or employee feels verbally or physically abused or threatened by the resident, a family member or visitor – work will only be resumed once the contractor’s management believe it is safe to continue.

No Smoking

Under the new smoking laws, as your home is classed as a temporary workplace, we would request that you do not smoke when work people are in your property. Our employees are not permitted to smoke on site, even with your permission.

Accident Reporting

Should you have an accident please contact the site manager immediately or inform your RLO. Click here to find their contact details


Paths will be cleared of debris on a regular basis. Please note that gardens are only cleared once scaffolding has been taken down.

Debris is an unavoidable by-product produced within the process of our works, however, we will work as effectively as we can in order to complete the works with as little disruption to you as possible.

If you see anything which may cause injury, please report to the site manager or RLO immediately.

Safety is our priority

At ENGIE, we continually strive to improve our Health and Safety, keeping it above the industry standards.

Check out the video below of our Regional Managing Director, Simon Lacey, as he introduces our 'Safe together' campaign, aimed at further improving our in-house practices and procedures.