• Kelsey Fox
    Site Based Adminstrator @ ENGIE
  • Louise Todd
    Resident Liaison Officer (RLO) @ ENGIE
    07584 114532

    Louise will keep you informed of our progress. She is your first point of contact for any queries or emergencies you may have.

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  • Site Office
    ENGIE @ Contact for general queries (Mon-Fri 8am-5pm)
    01923 637 834

    Please remember, your RLO is your first point of contact if you have any issues relating to the works.

    The Harebreaks
    Opposite Brett Place
    WD24 6HT

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  • Out of Hours Emergency
    (Mon-Fri 5pm-8am or Sat/Sun)
    0800 328 7244

    Please call this number if you would like to report an emergency outside of our usual working hours.

    During working hours please direct your query to the RLO in the first instance.

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  • Customer Services
    Watford Community Housing
    0800 218 2247

    If you have any queries regarding matters outside of the works being carried out by ENGIE, please contact customer services.

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